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Same recipe and preparation since 1963

I was born behind a "cañí" bar...

Foto del Abuelo detrás de la barra de un bar donde se inventó la salsa
What is Juana Madrid?

Juana Madrid is authentic salsa brava, since it was born in a tapas bar in Madrid, one of those that live day to day surrounded by portions, beers and sung commands.

However, now Juana Madrid reinvents itself and takes to the streets, combining tradition - because our original sauce has been made exactly the same since 1963 - and avant-garde - because based on that recipe, today we have different varieties.

If you like salsa brava, you're in luck.

Why Juana Madrid?

Here are some reasons to choose us:

  1. Because Juana Madrid is what you expect it to be: a truly brave salsa, which reminds us of gatherings with friends, Sunday aperitifs, or summers on the terrace. That's why we say it's BAR, because it has all its essence.

  2. Because it's already tested. Its original version has attracted many customers since 1963 and we know it works. You can't give it up.

  3. Because it goes with everything, and at all times. With potatoes, meat and fish. In rice dishes, hamburgers, hot dogs, tacos and even Japanese food... There are no limits for Juana Madrid.

  4. Because we use all-natural ingredients, without foreign thickeners or chemical sweeteners.

  5. Because Juana Madrid DOES NOT HAVE GLUTEN (nor lactose).

  6. Because although the original is one, we offer you unique and exclusive varieties with different degrees of spiciness, to adapt to your tastes. Identify them on the label: one, two or three chillies.

  7. Because Juana Madrid is available to everyone.

  8. Because we know that you do not accept imitations (Juana Madrid and her recipes are a registered trademark).

  9. Because Juana Madrid generates happiness and transmits good energy. Are you up for having a good time?

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