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Aperitif Sundays.
Bravas and beers on the terrace of the neighborhood bar.
Endless conversations and jokes.

Hello, we are Ana and Juanma, and we make authentic 
brava sauce with bar flavor

Foto con la fabricación de la salsa

We both finished our university degrees, and we dedicated ourselves for years to something very different from what we do now. We always had the desire to undertake and create something of our own, and although we value some ideas, the reality is that we havehospitality soul.

We were born and raised inneighborhoods of Madrid seeing our parents and grandparents after thebar from the bar. We grew up betweensung commands, watching the waiters move their trays and listening to the constant clinking of glasses.

We know how to carry a tray, and we love dealing with customers. And perhaps we are not wrong if we say that it was they who, by asking it again and again, gave us the key to what we should do:“Don't you sell your brava sauce?”

Since 2018, we are the third generation who manufactures and markets brava sauce, which for more than 50 years was sold in what was once thefamily bar -bar Anci-, in the middle of Alcalá street in Madrid; and we do it being faithful to the original recipe that we created in 1963, the year our establishment opened.
That brava sauce, made in an artisanal way, today has a first and last name: JUANA MADRID.

Why this name?That's another story...

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