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Imagen de la presentación para hosteleria modo garrafa junto a una sugerencia de presentación con unas alitas de pollo marinadas en Salsa Brava Juana Madrid y un Vermú
Ilustración de Juana Madrid versión hostelería


You now have at your disposal a quality brava sauce, which is made completelyartisanal and with the best ingredients. JUANA MADRID's brava sauce is a recipefamiliar which has been passed down from generation to generation and which began to be made in what was our bar, on Alcalá Street in Madrid, in 1963.

We know from experience that a quality sauce can enrich any dish and add nuances
surprising, in addition to making you differentiate yourself.
Medium spicy and faithful to theflavor furthercastizo

Authentic bar flavor!

Authentic bar flavor


You won't be confused.
We are a tested and very versatile product, since it can and should be used not only to make patatas bravas.



It is perfect for bravas, of course, but you can use it in countless portions, sandwiches,
sandwiches, or hamburgers.


Offer our customers a quality product that always looks the same
and flavor is essential to build customer loyalty.



From experience we know that making brava sauce is a tedious process and that
it takes quite a while. With JUANA MADRID you can forget about it. Additionally, it is sold in boxes of
small and manageable 2 liter (2.16 kg) bottles that allow easy storage.


Food safety:

We guarantee that the product remains in perfect condition for one year from its production. It should only be kept refrigerated once opened.

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